DISCURSOS for Orchestra



Instrumentation: – 4.2.2 – Hp. – Perc. (4) – Strings

First Performance: Porto, Coliseu do Porto, “Concerto de encerramento da semana cultural do Conservatório de Música do Porto”, 2014.06.13, Orquestra do Norte, dir. José Ferreira Lobo

Duration: 6’


Program notes:

[ENG] The musical speech is certainly conditioned and, at same time, influenced by the sounds, rhythm and the continuous flux of my Portuguese language/status. Based on this purpose, I started my research about how I can relate my speech language with my musical language. Maybe they are already related but I want to understand how I can potentiate this presumptive link.

With this work I set myself to recreate gestures focusing in global idea about chaos in a crowd. The language is the mote; the language is my primary element of identity and with it I can try to find a kind of musical world to give voice for my personal sound world.