INSTREPERE III for percussion

Electronics, Solo works

Info: Commissioned by International Society for Contemporary Music (Austria) with support of Music on Main (Canada)
Instrumentation: Percussion; Electronics
First Performance: New Zealand, ISCM World Music Days, 2022.08.24, Justin DeHart
Duration: 9’30’’

Plus: Bruno Ferreira, electronics; João Sousa, computer music design

Discography: Rattle


Program notes: [ENG]

Instrepere III utilises electronic playback and extended techniques on percussion to meld timbres into a single flowing—and sometimes disruptive— texture. The use of rasping sticks provides a granular friction sound on various parts of the drum throughout the piece. You will hear the sound of a rubber ‘superball’, mounted on a stick, rubbing on the surface of the drumhead to create moaning sounds. The normal wooden drum sticks have also been prepared with small pieces of hook & loop attached to the shaft and some tiny squares of padding mounted on one side of the tip of the stick to allow for further sound options.” (Justin DeHart)