LUSTRALIS for String Quartet (1)

Chamber works

Info: Commissioned by Fondation Royaumont with the support of Christine Jolivet and The Camargo Foundation (France)

Instrumentation: Vln. I; Vln. II; Vla.; Vc.

First Performance: Royaumont Abbey, Festival Royaumont, 2019.09.09, Mivos Quartet 

Duration: 7’


Program notes:

[ENG] Lustralis is the word to describe a religious ritual related to the water.

The music is an imaginative journey towards a possible ceremony inside a Temple that no longer exists.

In terms of abstract representation, I used some string’s preparation in order to get closer to the idea of bell’s sound (a very characteristic and distinctive tone from this kind of places all around world); afterwards, I search for the silences to give space and time to imagine our own places. 

Lustralis is grounded on the inner sensitivity of variant sounds; a sphere to inhabit. Pursuit in similarities, advance in contrastes, search for the whole.

Implode to fuse, then explode – modulations and colours; path into natural vanishing.